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Codex Alimentarius

Posted by Ştefan Alexandrescu on February 9, 2010

A colleague of mine asked me to reccomend a form of abuse and send her some information on  a topic from Romania (the major one these weeks), to give her documentation for an insight on the topic. So I figured that if I’m going to do any research work, at least share the most relevant results with more people.

So, for those of you who haven’t found out yet (on which planet do you live on? – kidding), the Romanian Government has agreed to introduce Codex Alimentarius as an appliable law for the whole population. You can find the history of Codex Alimentarius here [en, e-mail]. You can find extended information on what has become of it and its ramifications here [en, html].

What India and South Africa refused to implement [en, html], Romania has agreed.  Canada [en, html] has already had an interesting experice with Codex Alimentarius. Let’s take for example the genetically modified milk [en, html]. There have been research proving the negative impact it has on sanity and still, Codex Alimentarius  has recommended it. One of the directives [en, html] is to consider all natural products and supplements as drugs.  If you want to find out in a nutshell how this got to be overriding international standard, even over FDA, read here [en, html]. Also, the Alliance for Natural Health has a well synthetised article [en, php] which was translated to Romanian [ro, blog]

The reactions noted from Romania were extremely pale: about 22.000 internet voters against the law signed last year a petition [ro, html]. You can read about it here [ro, html]. Romania simply adhered to it [ro, html]. Even more, Romanian Government will gladfully experiment on its population a new cancerigen substance [ro, html]. There’s a new petition [ro, html] against this one. Probably it will add to the 438 milions petitions [fr, html]which haven’t succeeded until now.

Iulian Urban, a parliamentary representative fighting the implementation of Codex Alimentarius [ro, blog], marks on his blog the decision [ro, blog] that The Parliament has issued almost a year ago. These days there was a radio show [ro, blog] which presented the issue.

The manager of Hofigal, interviewed by Jurnalul National [ro, html] , admitted the impact this will have on their business. Romanians have been, with full rights, declared, the planet’s alimentary lab rats [ro, html] for cancer [en, html]. In case you doubt this has started to be applied, please click here [ro, html], as the Media Investigation Agency [ro, php] will share what they have discovered.

You can access here another short film on this thematic.

Interesting enough, I tried to find on “the future of food” and it says it’s not available in my country. Fortunately, you can still find it here [ro, blog]. But, get real, right now, that’s fairy tale.

I am aware that this might seem unbelievable for some of you. Yet, it’s true. After you’ll finish getting panicked around it, I’m sure you’ll calm your mind to find solutions for it.  I tried to make a synthesis for informational nods that you might use to document yourseleves. It takes a few hours. If you don’t have time now, don’t worry, you might have plenty of time after you get sick because of the food (eventually wondering why).


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  3. Suoravippi said

    Great read!

  4. Pikavippi said

    Really interesting, thanks!

  5. thanks for posting this.

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  10. So what would you do about this?
    Will you leave the country?
    Or will you fight the “power elite”?
    You may think that you could support your fight by trying to raise the “public consciousness”. Forget about it! The people is fast asleep, as proved by my own fight: although concerned with a matter of human rights infringement, it still leaves the people totally impassive. See

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