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The Hell Down There

Posted by Ştefan Alexandrescu on June 16, 2010

I’ve had a recent dispute with someone claiming that there is reincarnation. I figure she (and all those who also believe that) might have a tough challenge considering this:

Usually, I don’t get in religious disputes. But there’s an interesting representing structure considering beliefs (in the most significant NLP way). For each event happening in outside reality, the human brain needs to find an explanation. Say, for example, ghosts. Some people consider they are the spirits of the dead. That presumption is based on the belief that, once dead, the spirit can continue to have a physical presence in the time-space continuum. But when you believe that once a person dead, the spirit cannot remain in our time-space continuum able to contact us, you immediately have to search for another explanation of the ghosts phenomenon.

For exemple, in orthodoxy, Father Rodion, in his book “People and demons” explains how UFO & alien apparitions are actually stunningly similar to demonic apparitions, mentioning there are also descriptions of this phenomenon that are as old as hundreds of years.

In the end, it really depends on what is your belief, in how you explain things. Scientific examination, as an objective criteria, has proven that no living object can move at such high speeds as some UFOs and still hold life. That kind of inclines the balance towards the orthodox exmplanation.

Getting back to the presumption that Hell does exist in the center of the Earth, apparently supported by the video embedded, it would be a very literal portrait of the orthodox eschatology [en, wiki], therefore it would eliminate the possibility of reincarnation, casting a shadow of doubt on any kind of speaking with the dead.

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