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The Merchants of Cool

Posted by Ştefan Alexandrescu on May 15, 2011

This is a great PBS documentary which focuses on how the marketers hunt for what is considered “cool” by the youngsters in order to sell them products, services and experiences which will impact them and determine them to become ambassadors of one brand. The advertisers have an eye for this kind of things and they go to the target by spending millions of dollars to find out the first what would be the next hype: what would satisfy them in order to become fidelity customers and to recommend the products of the company further, to their friends. These kinds of research are very profitable. So, if you want to know the younger generations, the marketers is where you have to search for that information! They know it in detail!

hunt for cool


My rating: 9/10 (perfect)

You can order the movie full length, hi-quality from Amazon or you can see it in parts on YouTube:


You can see the movie on YouTube in parts:

part I.

part II

part III

part IV

part V

part VI

part VII

part VIII


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