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17 Reasons to be Happy You’re in the EU

Posted by Ştefan Alexandrescu on June 21, 2011

Going to the Brussel’s information centre, I got a brochure „50 ways forward”, basically EU advertising for the accomplishments and the good thing it has brought to the member states. My personal opinion is that EU is a super-state, turning more and more into a totalitaristic regime, very similar to the USRR.

I will go through the „great EU succeses” , adding my personal opinion towards them. It turned out to be 17 things, added, which I consider OK, and 17 which I don’t consider OK, about which I will write later. 

Unfortunately, in writing this post, I have not got any time to add the appropriate sources of information for my opinion. It is my advice to search for yourselves in these matters to convince yourselves.

The things I do consider useful:

  1. Definite advatage of travelling anywhere in Europe, in a 27 state region without any borders. Although 53 % of European citizens consider this is the most important right, yet in the last 30 years, only 1.5 % have practiced it. Clear advantages are for studying: the mobility students’ program for higher education (Erasmus+), for regions around borders (project INTERREG) and for registering a domain: The appearance of „.eu” domain registration. They call it „identity”: „are you a <<.de>>, <<.es>> or a <<.uk>>? The idea of associating the label of identity to a domain registration is distressing. In essence, this is another propaganda. But, for companies, it would pay out to have an „.eu” domain registration. The recognition of skills and qualifications (EQF, Europass, ECTS, ECVET)
  2. The number „112” to call throughout Europe for emergencies. In all countries. I also consider useful the possibility of tracking the precise source of the call, in order for the help arriving properly. Also, the installment of Europol presents itself as something doing more good (bringing down illegal activities) than harm (spying on EU citizens)
  3. The map of places where you can bath safely
  4. European Voluntary Service for people between 18-30
  5. The patented process for obtaining protection for intellectual property, addressed to inventors.  esp@cenet – Europe’s network of patent databases 

European Inventor of the Year – European Patent Forum 

  1. Consular protection for all EU citizens. If in a country there is no Consulate Embassy for a specific national, he or she can go to another EU Consulate from any other country 
  2. Europe Direct, a phone and mail service for inquiring on EU rights and opportunities. Toll free: 0080067891011 From outside EU: +3222999696 Mon-Fry, 9AM-6.30 PM CET
  3. Equal rights for parents of both sexes to take 3 months of leave (with pay) to take care of the child new-born.  MISSOC – Social Protection in the Member States and the European Economic Area 
  4. Cheaper flights for all passengers within EU area. In 1993, EU has broken the monopoly of big companies charging huge fees and developed EU area market into a great competition market for air operators. Any company getting a licence in one country of the EU automatically has the right to operate in all EU. This one of the things that radically changed western Europe in the last 10 years, in my opinion, next to the speed of the internet, the web 2.0 revolution and couchsurfing. Also, there is a list of flying providers which can be consulted before using them: either they don’t comply the security standards, either they are banned from a country: European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)  Joint Aviation Authorities and List of airlines banned within the EU e. Added to that, The passenger rights IN EU in case of journey disrupting. 
  5. The catalytic convertors applied to cars make the gases emitted in the atmosphere by using any regular car less polluting 
  6. The EU product safety directive  RAPEX (rapid alert system for dangerous non-food products). 
  7. The labeling regulation on all dangerous chemical substance, prohibiting it from human contact. REACH 
  8. The MEDIA Programme, one of the most productive and lucrative funding of EU – in the field of film production  
  9. The compartimented recyclation, reducing the waste and making garbage useful.
  10. The European Investment Bank, aiding small enterprises to start up projects.
  11. The maritimes coast protection, against illegal activities such as human trafficking and against ecological disasters. See details here and here
  12. The regulations which obligate the cosmetic producers to refine, reduce and replace animal testing. Personally, I don’t care about this topic, as I consider there are a sum of things much more important than this.

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