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17 Reasons to be Unhappy You’re in EU

Posted by Ştefan Alexandrescu on June 22, 2011

Going to the Brussel’s information centre, I got a brochure „50 ways forward”, basically EU advertising for the accomplishments and the good thing it has brought to the member states. My personal opinion is that EU is a super-state, turning more and more into a totalitaristic regime, very similar to the USRR.

I will go through the „great EU succeses” , adding my personal opinion towards them. It turned out to be 17 things, added, which I consider OK, and 17 which I don’t consider OK.

Unfortunately, in writing this post, I have not got any time to add the appropriate sources of information for my opinion. It is my advice to search for yourselves in these matters to convince yourselves. 

The things that aren’t true / that I know that have a secret agenda behind of it:

  1. The Global Solidarity, which is pretending to help the people from poorer contries, is in obvious contradiction to the rules of Emissions trading and imposing the third world countries to have electricity from solar energy – even though through that they condemn to death millions of poor people of economies relying on poluating energy.
  2. The Charter of Fundamental Rights, which are now slowly becoming more and more restrictive: you have the right not to travel outside EU with a biometric passport, you have the right, as a third country citizen, to establish yourself in EU only after you’ve been checked, fingerprinted, eventually X-rayed, and treated as a delinquent on the basis of „considered guilty until proven otherway”
  3. Europe United against threats to health”, such as the avian flu or the Human Pandemic Influenza hoaxes, created only to inrich the pharmaceuticals companies which started the whole thing in the beginning
  4. The EU bringing democracy in the world by supervising elections in countries where the system in fragile, such as Congo in 2006. Yes, EU flags the democracy outsid, while inside it suppresses it. When the Constitution of Europe has been rejected, they modified it into the Lisbon treaty which succedee to avoid public consultation.
  5. The Day of Europe – 9th of May. Pure propaganda.
  6. Europa’s answer to biodiversity loss was to create Special Areas of Conservation for species on the verge of extinction. EU says it has brought plenty of safe and healthy food to eat through common agricultural policy. The same EU who then promoted Codex Alimentarius and joined Monsanto and other companies who seek to destroy local agriculture with GMO.
  7. The GSM standard developed by research from EU funding, has been pushed to become a world leader in mobile communication. It doesn’t mention the phones using the GSM standard are also the ones most easy to be tapped, spyed on, trackedm recorded, different, for example, than the networks not-based-on-SIM-cards, such as the former Zapp in Romania, which used more private and secure mobile telecommunication (technology also used during Storm Desert by US Army).
  8. EHIC, now turning into eEHIC, which implies having all someone’s data and medical history on a smart card easily readable by distance from anyone who buys 8$ technology from eBay.
  9. ICT is, beyond its agenda for digital literacy, also a danger to people’s privacy (through e-government based on RFID technology), to migration of labour force (which is getting replaced by technology) and to peoples’ eye health (through the agenda of norming the light sources used inside).
  10. The pet passport & microchip, which allows pet owners to take their animals with them across Europe in vacation only educate the public and make them more confortable with the idea of chipping living things – although it has been proven that chipping produces cancer.
  11. The Eco-label, applied to cleaning products, appliances, home and garden items, clothing and tourism, all promote the idea of „making less harm by humans to the level of carbon produced”, something within the lines of the global warming hoax. The same runs with the policy for new and renewable energies.
  12. The Single Market of Europe has only come as a burden for poorer countries, such as Romania and Bulgaria, destroying the local production through the invasion of international companies. After aderence to EU, Romania and Bulgaria have become commercialization market for foreign products. In theory, it creates more choice for consumers. In practice, it provides less information about the quality of the products sold (i.e. Going to the supermarket to buy vegetables) and in time, it creates dependency on the big stores, after the most part of little stores being removed by the monopolistic companies. The Monetary Union and the euro have only stresses out the process – making all things more expensive everywhere.
  13. The Audiovisual and Media Policies imply regulations for minor prohibited content and restriction of advertising. But the same EU promotes everywhere lesbian and homosexual rights, together with sexual practices and perversions to the children in schools, as being proper for minor education.
  14. The EU’s Rapid Reaction Force, actually the EU army, having about 60.000 soldiers. In its description, it is obvious it is nothing more of a NATO American-driven extension. Another issue at hand for EU’s brave Rapid Reaction Force is the global terrorism, which kills less people each year than the allergy to peanuts. Nevertheless, a perfect excuse to violate EU citizens’ privacy, treat everybody like a criminal and destroy the human rights claim it so much promotes.
  15. The supporting of EU’s regions through funding, especially infrastructure projects, have been, especially in Romania, the trumph blaze for reason of being grateful to EU. Of course, that translated into contracts sold on bribe from the Government, never finished, or delayed, or improperly executed. 3 years after being part of EU, Romania contributed to the EU fund twice as much as it received. Nobody saw the differences in effect.
  16. The ITER project, aiming to provide energy from the Sun through nuclear fusion. They invest 10 billion euros over the next 35 years and hope to work. I am sure that all the generations who have contributed to this, out from taxes by the countries, share their joy about something that MAYBE will work. I know at leat about 20 million people who would disagree with that and would consider those money would have found a better use.
  17. The Trans-European Network manages the intelligent transportation, handling and positioning of all trains, planes, buses, ships across Europe. What it doesn’t say is that is only another phase of a surveillance plan, to be imposed to the EU citizens, for tracking their exact position anytime, everywhere. 



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