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The Corporation (2003)

Posted by Ştefan Alexandrescu on July 5, 2011

This Canadian documentary is a great watch especially for the students or graduates of economic and communication sciences. A brave approach, this logical demonstration of the idea that any corporation, as a concept, is pathologic and has a psychopatic profile would have make me think twice before choosing my line of work.

I would have chosen the same thing, but with more insight and less expectations. Far from the intention of demonizing corporations without argumentation, this is a very rigurous approach on the topic of transnational corporations’ power worldwide, which started in USA.

The model for extending a corporation as a business model is presented as a cancer to the modern society. This is not one of those hopeful documentaries, although in the end there is the hope to brang the power back to the consumers. It is yet not too late. We do not have a “Rollerball” society.

The picture has won the Special Jury Award at the  Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival (2003), The Genesis Award for best documentary (2005), The Genie Award for best documentary (2005), the audience award in the “World Cinema – Documentary” section at the International Sundance Independent Film Festival (2004) and at the Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival (2004) and “The Most Popular Canadian film” la Vancouver International Film Festival (2004). So prepare yourself to be awarded!

My rating: 7 / 10 (great documentary)

The trailer

And here is the 1 / 23 chunk of it on youtube (I will not post the whole movie here, as with 24 videos, the browser might just crush). You’ll manage from here.


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