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Monopoly Men : The Distant Murmuring of a Secret Government

Posted by Ştefan Alexandrescu on July 8, 2011

This is an episode of Phenomenon: The Lost Archives, a TV series of documentaries tracking insightful subjects, narrated by Dean Stockwell . I have seen it originally in English, but only found it on youtube dubbed in Spanish (see below).

This documentary tells the story of how the Federal Reserve of the US is not a National Bank, but a private corporation, which has the power to emit currency and then lend it to the US Goverment and tax its citizens. How did this come to fact in 1913, when it was founded? In a similar manner to The Money Masters [review and watch full], this documentary presents the history in such a manner that it makes us conceive the implications.

Seeing this, you will understand better how the coup d’etat to the US, supported  by president Woodrow Wilson in 1913 actually financed the first and the second World War. The mechanisms which led to the crisis of 1929 are also investigated here, narrowing the focus on this particular interest: how the most important money-making machine got out of public control – which will help you undersntand a lot of things about why today we have some of the specifics of economics.

Full length


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