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Food, Inc.(2008)

Posted by Ştefan Alexandrescu on July 14, 2011

Nominated for best documentary feature at the Oscars and for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Documentary by Directors’ Guild of America, this brilliant production is the best on alimentation and food.

Although a lot of the issues presented are rather specific to the US, the system is the same or similar in other countries as well. Although in some countries in Europe (such as Belgium, Italy, Hungary), there are very strict regulations for labeling food and what is allowed for aliments to contain, in other countries, it is not, and there is a very strong lobby from the corporations to discard it.

If you will watch it not as a documentary about a situation in US, but about a mechanism that is transforming wordlwide agriculture, you will discover  it is a global problem, which sooner or later will start knocking on your door. The way in which people consume food has changed so radically, that in order to satisfy in the most profitable manner the consumers’ desires, the companies have dropped all safety standards and have moved them so far beyond conceivable, that it might shock you to find out how the food you eat is being produced.

If you want to live, you cannot afford not to care about what you eat. Anything less than gaining awareness means disease or death, for you and all your loved ones. Watching this might be the most important decision you have taken in a while. This up-to-date take on such a major issue is approached with maximum professionalism and with a budget which helps get the message across in a creative design.

A must see. A masterpiece. My rating: 8 / 10. 




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