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Wanna Make Big Money?

Posted by Ştefan Alexandrescu on September 16, 2011

I’ve always been fascinated by all sort of money-making schemes. Starting with multi-level-marketing, insurance and continuing with internet surveys.

I must confess, I have found none that really works. I found this video I would like to share with you, made by HyipNews [en, html].

Each time I receive an incredible offert, I simply google that offert together with “scam” or “fraud”. So I can find that out pretty fast.  In most cases, if something seems too good to be true, then it isn’t.

First of all, the MLM [en, wiki] companies. I have heard at BizBazar that almost 40 % of the Romanians have been involved, at least one time in their lives in MLM businesses. The thing with MLM companies is that, more often than not, the successful people at this kind of business act and seem totally brainwashed. Their faith in the products thay are selling seems almost religious. They treat everybody as a potential customer. And the term “personal development” is more of a distorted concept. I have heard and read a lot about financial independence, but still I know only two persons who have earned enough money, let’s say, to buy an apartment, from MLM. One of them is a brainwashed pain in the ass, another one is a guy who fooled a lot of people by promoting a network in all of the country. Not exactly models of success in life, in my opinion.

I don’t have anything against the concept itself, but the way it’s been introduced in Romania is more of a “find a sucker” game and doesn’t actually have anything to do with the products themselves. Romanian MLMs are not interested in finding people who would actually resonate with their products, but merely sellers to add some points. Of course, this can add to some grandomanic needs for all those titles: “director”, “diamand”, “team leader”, etc. Going to their meetings can sometimes be fun.

But in most cases, for real businessmen, this is a waste of time – unless they create the network. All that pitch-selling, points, percentages, levels of network, is simply dust in fools’ eyes. Being to such a presentation and putting some simple questions, like: “How much money did you earn last month by selling products yourself?”, “What is your business plan and strategy for the next year?”, “What are the main competitors (either other MLM companies or multinational) and what are your advantages?”, “How many people in your team earn more than they invest?”, “Which terms of the contract are negotiable?” will most likely make everyone hate you for spoiling the party. And this is not a business-like attitude, but a kindergarden attitude.

Forex offerts. To trade on Forex, you can’t really expect to yeld any income with 10 euros, or 100 euros, or 500 euros. This is peanuts. Try a demo account with 100 euros and just find out how limited are your options. You actually barely start with 1000 euros and a real sum to make any representative earnings are with 10.000 euros. But first, go train with a demo. Try to see if you like being connected all the time with the market, putting limits for buy and sell all the time, calculating profits, doing fundamental analysis and technical analysis on 4-5 different timetables with 4-5 indicators for at least 10 currencies pair (I say the least to have some sort of vision towards what’s happening), follwing trends and news. It’s not that fun, really, especially if you are not patient and you don’t know how to estimate. It is rather a method for personal development. Witheout a doubt, it is maybe THE MOST EFFICIENT METHOD for personal development. Show me someone who makes money on Forex and I’ll show you a person with character. Because it’s all about intelligence on your own. And it’s a lot of work, for money you can always lose. So, strike that ouy as a method of fast enrichment. The good thing though is that there are a lot of comapnies wich train you for free how to work with these tools, a lot better than a regular broker.

All sort of other internet-promising businesses. From what I noticed, if you have the intelligence and patience to make money using other people’s schemes to make money over the internet, than you could make your OWN internet business, eventually using that kind of development as an experience. These days, knowledge is all around, you just have to select it. And there are so many internet opportunities that it is most likely the first offert you come in contact with, is not the best. So search for others.

Understand the mechanism. If you can understand how a business works, its model, you can see where the money is coming from, and, based on that, weather you want to involve yourself into it or not.

For example, the survey companies. To be proffitable, such a company must have at least 300-400 clients, to have a high rate of surveys for their survey operators (that is, you). The disadvantage for these companies is, that having so many surveys, they don’t pay much for them. But you can count on a constant rate of survey offerts. The opposite is a company with 30-40 clients for surveys, which offert a high income, but the offerts are more rare, because they don’t have so many clients. In the end, the companies with more clients but less income per survey have more satisfied survey operators, with constant work and income. To add to that, the practice of best companies is to increase the income you can earn by the number of survey projects you complete over a period of time. Why? Because those who are not patient enough are not reliable for work during a longer period of time. The interest of survey companies is to have a constant critical mass of survey operators rather than a money-grabbing hurd of hurried opportunities-seekers.

In the same time, that doesn’t mean, as specified in the video, that you can’t make big money out of such an offert, but that it is highly unkilely to succeed at that for a long time witheout either being scammed or losing all the money earned, invested or even more. It takes certain skills to differentiate the good deals from the bad deals.


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