Debug Your Mind


Posted by Ştefan Alexandrescu on October 2, 2011

One of the most stagerring parables I have seen in awhile. Nominated for the Oscar at the Foreign film category in 2011, the greek production Kynodontas has received the award Un certain Regard (Cannes, 2009); The Best Director award at the Dublin International Film Festival (2010), at Montréal Festival of New Cinema (2009), the special Jury Prize at the Sarajevo film Festival (2009) and the Bronze Horse at the Stockholm Film Festival (2009).

The premises are quite innovative. This is a film like you haven’t seen many. The head of a family conspires with his wife to keep their kids inside their garden, never leaving… the premises. They have never been outside their place. They don’t know anything about foreign world, but only through the mediation of their father. All the things which he says are considered true.

A fierce satire on totalitarism, I would even consider a good. metaphor for the current American society. The film never makes clear wether there is a character study to the story, an exploration of the absurd, or a parable. The structure makes sense as either of them.

I don’t know it you will like it or not, but certainly it will shock you. Understand it and wonder about its subtleness. And share it! Watch it with friends who like to talk afterwards. After a few minutes of silence, you will start to get a new grip on a lot of realities. Chill down. It’s only a story. The reality is much scarier. It’s only that we have learned to look aside.

My rating: 7 / 10 (great film)


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