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The War on Democracy (2007)

Posted by Ştefan Alexandrescu on June 10, 2013

This is a must-see masterpiece. John Pilger is a reporter, journalist and filmmaker who worked for the past 40 years making tens of documentaries about the injustices all around the world. This is one of his best pictures, centering on the 2002 American coup d’etat at Hugo Chavez’s presidency. The movie proves how CIA and American-backed traitors have executed a bloody attempt to remove from power a democratically chosen president, in order to set in motion an oil mafia controlled by U.S. powerful people.

It speaks in general about the longstanding imperialistic neo-colonizing policy of the U.S. after WW II – the author counts more than 50 attempts to overthrow governments worldwide. And it speaks in particular about this shameful event which occurred 11 years ago in what was then a peaceful country. This is a true case study which exposes “the American way” all down to its rabbit hole.  This documentary will open your eyes upon this subject.

My opinion: 8/10.

The trailer

The whole movie – part I (go from video to video to see the whole movie)


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