Debug Your Mind


Hello. I am Stefan Alexandrescu. I like to take different perspectives on the world. I like to be realist. And to hope for the better (while planning for the worst).

foto: Adriana Trandafirescu

foto: Adriana Trandafirescu

This blog started as a category on Analytic Vision, my blog in English.

I have always been passioned about the truth. Knowing on which planet I live on, sort of speaking. But this blog is  here because I want to share my vision over the world. Some of the things that I post on might be stuff you already know. Some others might just be new things. I would really want to differentiate myself. My purpose is to provide you, the reader, with information in order for you to decide for yourself. My purpose is to make “Debug your mind” a source of awareness.

If I publish a video, it’s a documentary or a conference I have personally seen. I do not 100 % agree to all I might embed or refer to, but it is important for me to make available things which have more truth than lie. In some cases, I will add my comments or my skepticism concerning things.

I prefer to reference work based on evidence and facts. I do not agree with publishing subjective, unverified or truncated information as ground for conclusions, although I sometimes do.

I publish rarely. The first articles on this blog, published in 2010, are moved from Analytic Vision.

I hope you enjoy my recommendations! Thanks for being here.


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