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Yesterday, I Celebrated 3 Years of Blogging

Posted by Ştefan Alexandrescu on June 18, 2012

Just an hour ago, little before midnight, I published my celebrating blog post on Analytic Vision.

Without repeating the information from there and from Discerne, I will write here about what was useful for me in working at “Debug Your Mind“.

1. I created specific categories, which I named myself. I published my posts in more than one category, but it was clear to me all the time which was the dominant category. I used the known words for tagging, and my own words for the categories. This shows that I use my structure for my content.

2. I created a clear evaluation system. All the films I recommend, I rate. Of course, this wasn’t the case with Analytic Vision, but there I used another evaluation system for what I published.

3. I chose content which makes the readers come back, the so-called “perennial articles”. It’s content which invites to analysis in depth.

4. I only chose topics I was documented about more than from the mentioned source. That helped me know better what to recommend as a documentation for a certain topic.I have gathered a sort of up-to-date culture which cumulated in time.

5. I have written something about most of the videos I embedded, something I did not do on Analytic Vision. Of course, if that woulnd’t have been a self-imposed requirement, I would have recommended more videos. I preferred less but better, more argumented.

6. Writing and referring someone on a certain topic with one link saves a lot of time of arguing (over and over for the same topic). It’s quite relevant, as it refers to well-documented information.

7. The blog offers as an advantage my talent in selecting good movies, something I’m an expert on. I have seen  thousands of films in my life, and in the last 15 years, I have selected the films I watched on stricter and stricter grounds.

8. It’s easier and better to develop something that already exists than to build something from scratch. This was the case here, because the blog started with transferring 10 articles from the “Debug Your Mind” category of my first blog, Analytic Vision, here, and developing from there.

9. It’s written out of passion. Passion for truth. Passion for awareness. Passion for information. Passion for films. Passion for documenting. Passion for efficiency. Passion for sharing. Enjoy!

10. I have chosen an impactful title for my blog. It practically tells you what the content’s about, the whole mission of the blog in 3 words. It’s the stuff brands are made of.

So it may not be a great deal, but it’s definitely worth more of your attention. I’m glad that I can be a better blogger for you, now. It’s because 3 years ago, I actually started a blog named Analytic Vision. Happy birthday! The gifts are for you!

Choose from the recommended topics the ones you plan to read/watch this week!


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