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The Best Government the Money Can Buy

Posted by Ştefan Alexandrescu on March 15, 2012

This is a very interesting discussion with the filmmaker who directed the documentary The Best Government the Money Can Buy, which exposes the accaparation of power by lobbyists in Washington. After the film has been released in USA, the critics have acclaimed it and the specialist have appreciated it as being a close and scaring portrayal of all the major issues which it covers. In this interview, the film director explains the importance of knowing the facts for the American citizens.

Although it may seem of not so much important issue for citizens from other countries, I think it is worth as a case study for the mechanisms of corruption and understanding how USA are really ran.

Here you have a fragment of 15 minutes of discussion between the film director and an interviewer + the trailer


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Don’t Wanna Conceive? We Have a TAX for You.

Posted by Ştefan Alexandrescu on June 10, 2010

I received a comment from Diana at an article I decided to restrict as private.

How did you come with the idea of taxing the families without babies?…is lack of respect for those who choose so, whatever their reasons are. The families without babies should not pay for the babies of the others.

I consider this comment is worth an extended reply.

Yes, as Chinese efficiently tax the people who drive alone in their car, to save up space on the streets (which would also be useful in Romania), taxing families which choose to be incomplete for their own comfort. They have the right to express their choices in not procreating which cost all of us the demographic catastrophe in Romania (to understand the phenomenon, take a look here [ro, blog] and watch the documentary “The Demographic Winter“.
In order for a society to develop, there is a need for three things: sustainable population, technological and logistical infrastructure and an engine for development (before the Revolution there was industry, now it’s services).

Therefore, considering since the Revolution, there were killed over 10 million babies through abortion and the grave situation that places Romania in the European Top on nr. 1 [ro, php], think that some of those children, maybe millions could now have the right to vote. Some of those children could now have jobs or could have had jobs in a few years. Think about what difference could make, in 10 years, over 10 million people MORE in the Romanian population and you will understand why I am recommending that married couples which do not have children to be taxed.

It is nice to think of one’s own comfort, but when each thinks and acts solely on the criteria of own comfort, the result is that everybody pays for those who think about their comfort.

The mentality Diana layed is based on the psychological axis: “Why should couples who don’t have children be obliged to pay as an exception, in contrast to those who have children?” I am sure that Diana has not thought through all the process. My question in the mirror would be: “Why should an entire society, including those who do hard work and raise children (they create a contribution to the society), pay for the commodity of lazy, comfort-driven people?”.

And please don’t give me the crap that it’s difficult financially to raise a child. The Government offers financial support, there is the Direction for Social Protection, there are plenty of non-profit organizations which can help with the children. And even if you don’t want to raise the child, you can give birth to him and then give him or her for adoption. It’s better for a child to live and have a chance. Life is not made only of comfort. The causes of the crisis is a moral crisis, a lack of responsibility crisis, [ro, blog] which will bring down fast this so-called “state”[ro, blog].

And I suggest that tax would be raised from those who choose not to have a child within 3 years of marriage and passed on as financial support for the single mothers who have decided to choose responsibility and development over momentarily comfort.

Think better of applying the game theory in your lives for a change.


A scene from the classic “A Beautiful Mind” (2001), directed by Ron Howard in 2001. Academy Award for best picture, best screenplay & best director

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