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7/7 Ripple Effect

Posted by Ştefan Alexandrescu on June 25, 2011

This is the documentary to see in order to understand how the British people got manipulated by the British government to sustain with more troops the US plan to transform Iraq into a colony.

It extensively treats the subject of the “terrorist attacks” framing delivered to the media and it proves how it was actually IMPOSSIBLE for the so-called “terrorists” to be the independent authors of the bomb attack. It is great to see such an effective documentary, which accomplishes in only one hour to be so to the point and to bring so many proofs.

This is one of the most compressed, well documented proofs of state-organized terrorism ever done and it is the only one I have seen until now about the events in UK (of course, there are many more). I consider it, in quality close to the hystorical documentary “911 in Plane Site”.

I copied this from the description of the film on youtube:

“The European Union has arrested a British man for the crime of sending a DVD to a judge. Anthony John Hill of Sheffield was arrested at his home in Carrick Street, Kells, on the foot of a European Arrest Warrant, according to the Irish Times. UK authorities claim Hill perverted the course of justice in a case related to the July 7, 2005 bomb attacks in London.

British authorities claim copies of the DVD were sent, in packaging with Irish postal marks, between September 2007 and December 2007 to five relatives of people who had been killed during the bombing. In addition, copies were sent to a judge and jury foreman in the case.

I sent it. I believe those men to be innocent, Hill told police when he was arrested and asked about the DVD. Sgt Seán Fallon told the Irish Times that a friend of Hills made copies on his home computer. Irish Gardaí took possession of the computer.

For the crime of sending the DVD, Anthony John Hill was remanded in custody and awaits a hearing on February 18th.

7/7 Ripple Effect posits that British and Israel intelligence are responsible for the attacks. The video, produced by MuadDib — the name of a fictional character in the Frank Herbert novel Dune — appeared on the JforJustice website on November 5, 2007. According to J7: The July 7th Truth Campaign, MuadDib believes he is the messiah and demands that he be acknowledged as the Rightful British-Israel King.

J7 claims MuadDib sent unsolicited copies of the video to 7/7 victim families.”

My vote: 8 / 10. (Masterpiece).




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