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The Best Government the Money Can Buy

Posted by Ştefan Alexandrescu on March 15, 2012

This is a very interesting discussion with the filmmaker who directed the documentary The Best Government the Money Can Buy, which exposes the accaparation of power by lobbyists in Washington. After the film has been released in USA, the critics have acclaimed it and the specialist have appreciated it as being a close and scaring portrayal of all the major issues which it covers. In this interview, the film director explains the importance of knowing the facts for the American citizens.

Although it may seem of not so much important issue for citizens from other countries, I think it is worth as a case study for the mechanisms of corruption and understanding how USA are really ran.

Here you have a fragment of 15 minutes of discussion between the film director and an interviewer + the trailer


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The Ugly American (1963)

Posted by Ştefan Alexandrescu on October 6, 2011

Nominated at the Golden Globes for best actor and best director; nominated for best screenplay by Writers Guild of American.

This is one of Marlon Brando’s great roles. This political drama is based on real facts, but the story has been dramatized in order to send a clear signal for the Americans against the political, economic and military interventionism in Asia. Thailand [en, wiki] has been one of the greatest free nations of Asia for more than 200 years. Even in the XIX th century,then known as the Kingdom of Siam, surrounded by British colonies, it has resisted, keeping the balance between its economic needs and its military protection. To see this film made half a century ago, you can understand the essence of the Cold War, the stakes of the conflict between China and USA and the mechanism of American interventionism.

Although it might be accused with didacticism, the film takes its point across and proves to be a film with documentary and historical value. Not a very good movie, but one well worth seeing, even for the simple reason it is one of Hollywood’s relatively fair portrayals of the Thailand nation.

My rating: 6 / 10 (good movie)


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Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999)

Posted by Ştefan Alexandrescu on July 17, 2011

Nominated at the Emmy awards for best picture, best screenplay, best editing, best sound mixing and best casting. You could call it “The Social Network”‘s little brother. It is the dramatized version of the historical development, contracts, backstabbing and deals of how personal computer and Windows came to power. The main characters in the film are Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. More accurate than “The Social Network” and more true to reality, the production portrays the seed of a war which is still going on. Watching this, you will understand how things evolved. An ironic depiction of capitalist greed (which went unpunished) and the American Dream, it is a must see for all those who wish to earn money through the internet and putting things into perspective you could actually call it a historical movie. Find out how IT empires were built!

I have to recognize although I hate the morals of the main characters,the actors very effectively portrayed the toughness of the American entrepreneur. Used with discent, it is a great and inspiring power. 

My rating: 7 / 10 (Very good movie) 


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Inside Job

Posted by Ştefan Alexandrescu on June 27, 2011

One of the best documentaries about the financial crisis, it has one of the best structured approaches I have ever seen in a documentary. It presents the history, the causes, the effects, the actors and the victims, from A to Z. Together with Alex Jones’ “Fall of the Republic”, it is the best film ever done about the new era of the world economy which has started in 2007. One of the greatest merits of the film is the way it takes a complex issue and approaches it in shuch a manner that it makes it easy for anyone to understand.

This film has been considered “the most important film at the Cannes festival (2010), the best full feature documentary of the year (Oscar – The American Academy for Motion Pictures and Sciences). It has received the Director’s Guild Award and the Writer’s Guild Award in 2011. it has been presented at the Toronto film Festival and it received, especially in the US, a lot of awards and nominations for excellence in film making. One of the Oscar receivers said at the ceremony it would be great to have jailed some of CEOs who was awarded lots of money after their companies broke .

Matt Damon proves his narrating abilities adding up to the film’s atmosphere. A clear-cut 360 degrees documentary. A must see!

My rating: 8 / 10 (Masterpiece)


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